Monday, September 12, 2022

Obi Wan Kenobi 2022 Series Spoiler Deep Dive!

From the far reaches of the Milky Way Galaxy, It's Retro Nerd Girl with a film review for you.

Today I'll be reviewing Obi-Wan Kenobi Season 1.

This series serves to bridge the gap between The Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope when we were first introduced to Old Ben Kenobi in 1977.  Thus, when watching this series, one is constantly reminded of the events of A New Hope and comparing what was presented in that movie and what is unfolding in the series’ storyline as well we are also expecting to experience new exciting stories surrounding Star Wars’ legacy characters like Palpatine or at this time he hasn’t become the Emperor yet so he is referred to as Darth Sidious during this time period and of course his apprentice Lord Darth Vader.  Does the series deliver?  For me it did.  I was truly able to pleasantly get a lot more out of this series than I expected.

To be completely honest, I walked away from Star Wars after The Prequels.  I didn’t hate The Prequels, but I was disappointed.  Through the years I still casually followed a lot of the content, but I couldn’t connect with it as a fan any more.  I think when I heard that Kenobi was getting his own show on Disney Plus, I was strangely excited to revisit the character played by Ewan McGreggor and hoped it would fill in what I felt was missing from my experience.  In The Prequels Ewan’s performance was incredible, delivering nostalgia mirroring Alec Guniss’s performance of the character in A New Hope but also giving the audience a youthful hero to balance out Anakin Skywalker’s brooding angst as he was losing struggle with the dark side of the Force.

A stand alone movie was in the works for many years after Revenge of the Sith.  Then it was going to be a spin off anthology film.  After the box office disappointment of Solo: A Star Wars Story in 2018 it was shelved.  Then the project resurrected into this series.  Ewan took on the role of executive producer and Deborah Chow directed the project, who had previous success directing some of the most adored episodes of The Mandelorian series also on Disney Plus.

The show begins with a fantastic splashy montage of the events of The Prequels as a refresher.  It ends with order 66 and zeros in on a specific attack on younglings, which are young Jedi, their Jedi instructor Velti valiantly struggles to protect them.  It’s a magnificently desperate attempt, but it leaves the younglings on their own to figure out how to escape this horrible massacre of Jedi in the Jedi Temple.  The scene here screams, THERE IS SOMETHING IMPORTANT ABOUT THIS SCENE!  And speculations began to circulate among viewers since episode 1 as to who these younglings are, and why it matters in the story.

It’s ten years later and we catch up to Obi-Wan working a labor intensive job in the desert fileting a mega gigantic sand creature.  He steals a piece of the meat for his riding animal and goes home.  When he can, he spies on Luke Skywalker.  We all expected Obi-Wan to be a hermit by the time he meets Luke in nine years, but I wasn’t expecting to see him there just yet.  The new regime in the galaxy won the war and most of the Jedi were killed and are now being hunted.  He lost his best friend, his Jedi family and his will to help those in need.  He feels completely responsible for training Anikan who was an integral part of Order 66 and the downfall of the Jedi Order.  The only thing that keeps him going is the possibility that he may train Luke so he can redeem himself and the way of the Jedi would not be lost forever.  

The show was really great at slowly showing us a transformation for Obi-Wan and Ewan is just as solid of an actor as he ever was, allowing the audience to see this character in such a vulnerable state.  The character is so obsessed with his past, that he is unaware of the many atrocities that are still out there.  I believe that he knows that Jedi are being hunted, but he just wants to disappear into the crowd.  He doesn’t want to be the hero he once was because he holds so much guilt for Anakan’s demise.  It holds him prisoner, paralised by regret and shame.  

A traumatized young Jedi, Nari, played by Benny Safdie, finds him and begs for help, which he refuses.  This lines up with “the hero's journey” which is a common story line that is used to tell good stories wherein the hero refuses the call to action.  He tells Nari that he can’t help and the next day the Jedi is killed and hung in the middle of town and made an example of.  This is what happens to Jedi in this new regime. 

Obi-Wan gets a chance to go through his transformation because of the actions of new characters.  The main conflict in the story stems from the arrival of a group called the Inquisitors on Tatooine.  I had never heard of the Inquisitors before but apparently they were a part of the non-theatrical lore so one has to do a bit of research to catch up with some of this business.

According to the Star Wars fan site, The Inquisitors or the Inquisitorius Program was an organization of Force-sensitive dark side agents that Palpatine created to hunt down the remaining Jedi who had survived Order 66 at the end of the Clone Wars as part of the Great Jedi Purge.  Darth Vader was insulted that Palpatine did not trust that he could do this on his own and it was known that he hated them.  Being entrusted to be their commander and chief he would often torture and de-limb them to teach them the lesson of loss, which he was well familiar with.  Directly under Vader was the Grand Inquisitor.  Under him are the Inquisitors that are assigned a number and the surname of brother or sister.

Besides hunting the Jedi, they also hunted rebellious individuals and abducted any Force-sensitive children for Project Harvester.  Wait a minute.  What is Project Harvester you ask?  This project would raise Force sensitive babies and children to become dark side Force wielding Imperial agents.  This was all done to prevent the Jedi Order from reforming again.  

I really wish some of this information made its way into the show to explain to the mass viewers, but I guess they assumed that the viewers would have watched the Inquisitors on the very popular Emmy nominated Star Wars Rebels television show which aired for four seasons on Disney XD, from 2014 to 2018. 

The Inquisitors and Project Harvester sound fascinating and creepy.  I would have loved a sneak peak at this in action.  But it’s not too late to include this in future seasons of the show.  There is also an Ashoka show in the works that may venture deeper into this storyline for the extended universe since she had some interaction with them.

In our story we have the Grand Inquisitor, the Fifth Brother, the Fourth Sister and among the Inquisitors is a young girl, Reva, the Third Sister who appears to be concentrating on hunting Obi-Wan Kenobi of all of the Jedi because she knows this will impress Darth Vader.  At first it looks like she is a fan of the sith lord, but she specifically wants to become the next Grand Inquisitor so she can get close enough to kill Darth Vader when he least expects an attack.  

She puts up a very obnoxious tough front on purpose, often yelling, threatening and harming villagers.   Her actions are so crude and aggressive that her comrades are annoyed by her selfish tactics and despise her.  It’s totally understandable because she’s not a team player and she’s simply not likable. 

It takes a while to get to understand what and why she is behaving this way but some viewers easily figured out the connection between Reva and the opening massacre during order 66.  She was indeed one of the children in that scene and as the group of children were trying to make an escape, Anakin Skywalker found them and slaughtered them.  She survived her wounds and faked her death by hiding underneath the dead bodies of her classmates.  Sounds chilling and too familiar as it unintentionally mirrors some of the horrific stories heard from survivors of school shootings in the real world.  With a chance to tell Reva’s story, the actor playing her, Moses Ingram excellently brought out her true vulnerability in Episode 4 and 5. It’s no coincidence that the only person who was really able to understand her and later guide her is Obi-Wan.

The series does take its time on this, but once the connection occurs, I understood Reva’s actions and why she behaves the way she does.  After observing her closely in rewatching the series, her character motivation is solid and I have trouble keeping my eyes dry when she talks about her experience as a youngling.  It’s heartbreaking.

Reva’s story was in the season to show us the fallacy of the dark side of the Force.  Her foolish plan was doomed from the start because she has been blinded by her anger, her loss.  Sounds familiar?  At the core of it, she is still a youngling. She never matured past the point of her trauma so she has no intelligence behind her actions and that is what is frustrating about the character.  She is transparent to the point that Darth Vader and everyone around her knows her plan.  They only keep her alive because her anger appears as ambition and she assists them in their hunt for Jedi well.  The Grand Inquisitor admitted that for some time she was useful and in truth, she was able to lure out Obi-Wan Kenobi to the surface after ten years.  As much as they hate her, she gets results.

As I mentioned, she is doing all of this to get close enough to kill Vader, and it would have to be an opportunity where she can get him alone so she wouldn’t have to fight other Inquisitors or storm troopers.  She gets her chance, but she is so over her head that it is pathetic.  Darth Vader is not only too powerful, he is too skilled of a fighter.  I admired her tenacity running after him time and time again, but he was able to disarm her twice and just school her on what it is like to face off with Vader even for someone with her power level.  I also enjoyed the accompanying music to this scene.  I loved every minute of that confrontation.

Her position is sad in the grand story and set up more or less like a tragedy because there are several moments that I was absolutely certain she was going to die. That created a lot of tension, but it’s still a wonder how she survives the series, with two impalings and a rough beating from the Lars’ but hey Darth Maul survived being cut in half, Darth Vader survived being burned alive and Boba Fett survived the Curlac Pitt.  It’s a little too late for realism here.

Darth Vader
So, Darth Vader is in this story and wow, he’s magnificent in this.  The performance is a combination of stunt men, body doubles, Hayden Christianson, and although James Earl Jones is credited as the voice of Darth Vader, he didn't actually record any new lines for this series. A company called Respeecher used advanced AI software to recreate Darth Vader's voice. The same technology was previously used in The Mandalorian (2019) and The Book of Boba Fett (2021) to clone Mark Hamill's voice. 

This story starts out showing Vader in his most vulnerable time, healing as much as he can in his bacta tank.  Even in that state, there is still defiance and aggression in his eyes.  He is fueled by anger, but unlike Reva, he is able to manage it towards a larger scheme and a larger purpose, to find Obi-Wan.  

His physical prowess and menacing swagger is only a small part of the equation.  He brings with him a terrifying disregard for life in exchange for getting results.  None of it is ever satisfying for him because he’s filled with rage constantly.  Everything was taken away from him, his love, the chances of ever being loved again, what he thinks was his unborn child, the light side of the force, his natural body, and ultimately his humanity.  Every simple pleasure has been taken from him.  He’s not just a bad guy.  He is someone in perpetual pain all the time. At first I thought he blamed Obi-Wan for all of it, but the truth is that he actually blames himself for failing to save Padme and causing her death. 

There is this whole through line of attachment and loss that is a problem for both sides of the force.  The Jedi taught that attachment can lead towards the dark side and dark side users don't encourage attachment because it binds them to empathy.  Obi-Wan, Darth Vader, and Reva are all obsessed with their past and what they lost.  

What the show also promoted was an epic rematch between Darth Vader and Obi-Wan.  Their first rematch was underwhelming because Obi-Wan is horribly outmatched after losing his talents with the Force.  However the series shows us how powerful Darth Vader can be when he goes into action.  That is something I have never actually seen except for what he does in Rogue One.  Darth Vader dominates Obi-Wan and drags him through fire enacting a bit of revenge for being left for dead as he was set on fire on Mustafar.  It doesn’t come close to what Vader has been through, but it’s a taste.  

In many ways because of Obi-Wan’s attachment to Anakin and inability to end his struggle at Mustafar is what creates the robotic monstrosity that is Darth Vader.  And we get the feeling from this series that killing Anakan is something he can never do.  And vice versa for Darth Vader… until A New Hope. When Vader simply allowed Obi-Wan to escape, this tells me that these two can’t ever kill each other at this point, though they try, they don’t really want to.  There is too much history there for both of them.  At best they are doomed to encounter each other as another sparring lesson.  It’s almost like a routine that Darth Vader remembers doing as Anakin’s unfinished business.  He is clearly excited by these encounters.

We learn more about this after a well placed flashback revisiting a training session between Obi-Wan and Anakin when he was a padawan.  This is where we finally see Hayden and it was so good. 

Hayden Christensen re-watched all of the Star Wars movies and binge watched Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) and Star Wars: Rebels (2014) to prepare for this performance and I suppose that would be a good watch list for us all. 

I was expecting some de-aging technology used on him based on the time period he was remembering.  It looks like there was a little de-aging used on Obi-Wan, but Anakin was Hayden’s actual age while shooting the series.  I loved that because it tells me that this is Darth Vader’s memory, not actually a flashback.  What?!  It’s a really cool way to translate that.  Before the training starts he stares at Padme’s apartment, and I think he does that because she was his failure.

What a wonderful scene to give us some delicious member berries to snack on!  I loved it.

In this memory, Obi-Wan told him that he will always be a padawan until he gives up the need to be right, but I think all Vader seems to hear is that he will always be a padawan until he defeats Obi-Wan.

This series is about their broken relationship and how it affects people around them. Reva exploits it for her personal revenge.  In fact, I feel as if the Reva storyline is similar to Anakin's story line.  Where Anakin lost his humanity to become Vader, killing children, when it came down to it Reva just couldn’t.  She couldn’t become the person she hated. I loved that aspect of the series because this is where we encounter the theme of mercy.  I think it’s very obvious, Mercy is where a Force user can break away from the dark side.  Those who have no mercy have embraced the dark side.  Vader’s mercy for his son broke him away from the dark side in Return of the Jedi.

Mercy dislodges Reva from the dark side when she sees herself in her intended victim.  Again, Moses Ingram did a fantastic job with these scenes.

Obi-Wan gains his strength back and boy is it glorious!  He gets the upper hand in his final confrontation with Vader in the series, wounding Vader and cracking part of his helmet revealing a portion of Anakin’s face.  And I think before that point he could have killed Vader, but seeing his face reminded him that his brother was under there.  This when he falls apart and apologizes as he did on Mustafar because he thinks he is responsible for everything that happened to Anakin.  But Vader explains that he is not his failure.  Obi-Wan didn’t kill Anakin Skywalker, Vader did. 

Hearing that along with the Hayden's voice and James Earl Jones’ voice melding together, it hit me hard and it looks like it hit Obi-Wan hard too.  This scene was masterfully done with Anakin’s face being lit from blue to red, and the evil little curl of a smile on his lips.  Wow.  Hayden did a wicked job on that.  He’s really getting his Vader on there.

This was a highlight of the series and is one of the most iconic scenes for me in the entire franchise, right up there with Vader revealing to Luke that he was his father.

This really drove home for me Vader’s self hate I was talking about before.  Vader hates Anakin.  It was Anakin that was too weak to save Padme, his mother, or stand up to the Jedi Council.  Darth Vader is confident, strong and gets results.  

But did he really kill Anakin?  I don’t think so because Anakin is always there and Darth Vader is always in conflict with that.  Luke was able to pick up on this once he became a Jedi.  This duality is how he compartmentalizes his identity.  

The smile is also a strange piece to it that gives me chills.  I think he smiles because again he is still sparring with Obi-Wan.  This is his gloating banter to psych out Obi-Wan.

However, his statement has an incredible effect on Obi-Wan.  It was Vader’s way of saying that it didn’t matter what Obi-Wan did, he was always going to turn to the dark side.  And that really kind of blows your mind when you think of it.

Once that was clear to Obi-Wan, he had to walk away in defeat.  Yes, he won the physical fight, but he lost the battle of trying to rescue his friend.  He had to accept that Anakin was truly gone and even if he was still in there, Obi-Wan wasn’t going to be the one to turn him to the light.  He couldn’t do it.  

I really felt that moment like a ton of bricks because I’ve been told something similar from someone close to me… that they changed and would never be the person I remember.  It broke my heart and while seeing this, my heart broke for Obi-Wan.  The acting didn’t  disappoint.

There is a moment where it looks like Obi-Wan pities Vader and that nuance is not easy to portray, but it’s there.  This is all due to Ewan McGregor’s incredible performance. Wow.  That too sent me into a flood of tears reaching for my tissue box.

Obi-Wan and Vader's relationship makes the moment that they meet in A New Hope hold more meaning for me.  I always saw their relationship as two warriors in a battle that used to be on the same side.  Now I understand why Obi-Wan is so cold to him and spoke of him in such a spiteful way.  Now this makes more sense to me. Vader killed Anakin, his brother.  This holds a lot more weight.

Some people said that there is a line in the Original series where Vader said, “Obi-Wan once felt as you do” meaning that he could be turned from the dark side and I believe it’s still true.  The act of “facing” Vader in battle is the only way to reach out to Anakin at this point.  At the beginning of their battle when asked if he was going to kill Vader, Obi-Wan said that he will do as he must.  I think he evaded the direct question because he was not sure what he needed to do to get to Anakin.  It wasn’t about killing him, it was about reaching him.

I enjoyed the depth that this series added to that storyline for me. The connection between these two characters is what holds this story together for me and is the best of the best of what this series did right.

I love the way mercy is on display again by Obi-Wan not killing Darth Vader while he is at his weakest because he is technically not a threat at the moment.  Some viewers thought he should have killed Darth Vader right then and there, but it would essentially be an execution.  To kill him then would be saving the galaxy of one less bad guy but it’s also venturing towards the dark side, unless he was forced to defend himself.  This is also how Anakin went further down the road toward the dark side when he killed Count Duku.  It was an execution.  Obi-Wan is staying true to the Jedi path.  He is the hero we never knew I never knew I needed. 

There was also some conversation from many viewers that Obi-Wan should  have killed Reva because she knew too much.  Again, to be a light side user Obi-Wan couldn’t do that unless Reva decided to attack him.  Otherwise again it would be a flat out execution and also giving into his FEAR of the unknown.  This is not the way of the Jedi.  I know, it sounds ridiculous, but that is why it’s hard to be a Jedi.

One other stand out in the film is Princess Leia who is brought into the story because Reva found out that there was a connection between Obi-Wan and her adopted father Bail Organa being played by Jimmy Smiths who reprises his role from the Prequels.  Reva’s plan is to lure out Obi-Wan by kidnapping the princess being wonderfully played by Vivien Lyra Blair.  She has 16 acting credits already at the precious age of 10 and has been working since she was 3 years old.  She is most notable for her work in Bird Box alongside Sandra Bullock in 2018.

Naturally, Vivian doesn’t look a lot like Leia, but with similar hairstyles, digital eye color darkening and mirroring many of the outfits Leia wore in the original trilogy, she looks spot on.  Vivian’s phenomenal acting is what sells it, by not only serving us an adorable mini version of the character, but bearing a lot of the mannerisms of Carrie Fisher’s portrayal of the character.  

Leia gets rescued twice and each time we get to see Obi-Wan get stronger and stronger with the Force again and it feels as if he’s getting back to where he was in The Revenge of the Sith very slowly.  Of the things that Obi-Wan sees in his mind to give him the strength to defeat Vader are visions of Leia and Luke, which represents the future of the Galaxy in the fight against the Empire.  Luke and Leia are A New Hope. This is the hope Obi-Wan needed to regain his connection to the Force.  He lost it when the war ended and he found it again in the new generation… the children of his beloved friends Anakin and Padme.  They are worth living and fighting for.

Where is my tissue box?!

Looking towards hope is yet another way towards the light.

The best part for me between Leia and Obi-Wan were the quiet moments with the two characters.  

We get to see how Leia has incredible abilities in the way of intuition and displays so much empathy and kindness where she can.  She is gifted with the force, but it’s not an overt use of it.  No one can detect it.  But you can clearly see she is doing something and this is how Carrie Fisher played the character too.  I was pleasantly surprised by this.  Not to mention, I think she is so cute and adorable.  What a little sweetie!

We also see the definite shadow of Padme in the character, which Obi-Wan mentions, the diplomat.  

This is where I want to talk about the redemption theme that lingers on the series which is the process of making future actions better than past faults.  Though Leia and Obi-Wan’s escape from Reva they encounter Tala, an imperial officer who is seeking redemption from rounding up and aiding the murder of Force sensitive individuals. She is doing so by now aiding them instead.  Her character was played by Indira Varma who was instantly intriguing on screen doing a lot of dramatic heavy lifting for her short time in the series.  Tala’s motivations are clear and you get the sense she is going to be trying to undo her sins for the rest of her life.  She sacrificed herself to buy the escaping families of Force sensitives some time during a battle.  I loved this character and she does truly redeem herself.

There was a bit of discussion where viewers were debating if Reva was redeemed for her terrible actions by having mercy on Luke.  Does her break from the dark side suddenly make her a Jedi or absolved of her terrible deeds?  No,  she can remain evil, but draw the line at killing children or she can choose to just be a better person.  Redemption is not a simple thing.  It's a long road of hard work.  Tala is a better example of a redemptive character because she did the work actually saving lives.  Reva is beginning her road towards it, if she chooses.

I loved Tala so much. So did Leia it seems because you can see how Leia was fascinated by her.  Obi-Wan gifts Leia Tala’s holster and it gives us a glimpse at who Leia will one day become.  You get the sense that Leia goes through an arch from being a playful kid without a real aim to a young lady with a purpose to help others, grateful for her position as princess and a supportive loving family.

Tala also guides Obi-Wan and Leia to the Path, an anti-Imperial network that helped Jedi and other Force-wielders, which is the precursor to the Rebellion.   The Path is led by Roken, played by O'Shea Jackson Jr. with a charismatic grit.  I enjoyed this character even though he was sparingly used.  As well Kumail Nanjiani who comedically rounds out the cast as ex-con man Haja Estree who has been working with the Path, while swindling families out of money.  He’s not the ideal good guy, but he’s got some Han Solo vibes from him.

Star Wars is always introducing us to personable droids.  We had a cameo of C3po at Alderaan. I didn’t see R2D2, but he should be there too.  Leia had the super adorable Lola, who was cute.  Tala had NED-B a loader droid who displays incredible loyalty and serves us with an emotional connection to Tala.  It’s subtle, but I think there was love between Tala and NED-B, or something close to it.  He cannot vocalize, but he is a droid of action, even protecting Tala and shielding her as his very last effort.  I don’t know but I read a little something into Tala’s introduction to NED_B she says with a secret smirk, “sometimes actions speak louder than words.”  I guess it gets lonely in the Imperial era.

Highlight moments:

A surprising moment for me was the last episode and see that Owen and Beru were able to protect Luke pretty well.  Owen has a particular grit to him that is unshakable.  In the second episode that man had a lightsaber in his face and he stayed strong.   Beru in particular was very spunky and went into Rambo mode when the time came.  I would be down for the Adventures of a young Beru on the plains of Tatooine.  She gave me vibes as if she had done this before.  This was not her first time at the rodeo.  So yeah.  Loved that moment and loved that family.

We also get a little moment with Darth Sideous played by Ian McDermott where gives Darth Vader a little Palpatine therapy.  He asks him if his thoughts are clear.  And I think he’s realizing that Darth Vader obsessing about Obi-Wan means that he hasn’t let go of his former master.  He wants to be Vader’s only focus.  This is also why he calls Vader his friend.  It’s a manipulation tactic to remind Vader that all of his friends are gone and he is the only person he has left that is on his side.  I thought all of that was masterful.  I enjoyed it so much.

So this brings me to the part where I talk about where there could have been some improvement with the series.  To me the series could have been and probably should have been a movie or trilogy of movies as it was originally intended to be.  And before that I just want to bring up the fact that the series inspired a young editor by the name of Kai Patterson to make an awesome 2 hour version of the series.  It’s pretty awesome and it really proves my point.  The edit wasn’t perfect, but only lacked the cooperation with the studio for pickup shots, foley, music and other assets at Patterson’s disposal.

However, there are certain details in the story I enjoyed being extended in the series, so I also think it couldn’t have hurt if the series were longer than 6 episodes. 8 to 10 episodes would have been fantastic to build mystery, intrigue and illustrate the world more clearly.  It could have gone either way.

The writing and the pacing was uneven.  We had brilliant moments that were truly incredible, but then we got clunky bloated moments that didn’t seem to work in the story.  The whole series needed more doctoring to squeeze every juice of emotion out of the story.  The potential is there and sadly, it was a missed opportunity to get a 10 out of 10 response from the audience.

There needed to be more quiet moments to have the characters talk to each other, share stories and again illustrate the world through an exploration of the interpersonal relationships.  Relationships between the Inquisitors is an example of a lost opportunity to learn their operations in more detail and feel the fear of what their impact means to the galaxy.

I felt that Tala could have been and should have been a love interest even for a short while.  There was such amazing chemistry between Tala and Obi-Wan.  There was emotional weight when she died, but if there was a romantic connection between the two, it would have broken our hearts.

The series needed more attention to logistical detail.  This series had too many unreasonable and illogical circumstances and a little set up with a payoff could go a long way to entertain the audience.  One glaring example of this is the escape from the Inquisitor’s base in episode 4.  James Bond does this well. When it comes to these series, I think what would really help is for the writers to know the end in mind and write their way backwards.  It felt a little like there was an and then, and then, and then plot line which is not as entertaining as something that has more set up and pay off.

The shaky cam during action scenes didn’t work for me.  I would have enjoyed a more classic framing similar to what was used in Revenge of the Sith.  

I also wish the series had a little more polish to it.  Some of the scenes were too dark, some of the coloring was soft and objects lacked a crisp edge.  Don’t get me wrong, a lot of this looks great, but there are just a few moments where I thought that with a little extra in the budget, the visuals could blow us away.  It’s got so much potential.

Future Series:
Can there be an Obi-Wan series 2?  Absolutely there is so much more story to tell and Disney knows this.
  1. Obi-Wan Series 2 is rumored to be in the works.  Here’s what story ideas he could visit.
  2. Give him a love interest.  Give him a chance to feel like a human being.
  3. Memories of Satine and the heartbreak
  4. Qui-gon force ghost training
  5. Quinlan Voss
  6. Unfinished business with Darth Maul.
  7. His brother and possible family
  8. Reva / she got information from the archives.  Perhaps a mission to the archives.

The Adventures of Little Leia in the years leading up to the Galactic Civil War
  1. Bail Organa
  2. Ending Slavery
  3. The Path / Roken
  4. The Early Rebels
  5. Diplomatic missions to Coruscant
  6. Lola
  7. Tarkin
  8. C3po and R2D2
  9. Young Holdo

Vader Series
  1. Memories of Padme / nightmares/ the ghost of pamde horror movie style.
  2. Darth Sideous torture and Abuse
  3. The Inquistors/ Grand Inquistor/ Project Harvestor
  4. , the Inquisitors came into conflict with several Jedi and third-parties affiliated with surviving or former Jedi as part of the purge. 
  5. Tarkin
  6. Night Sisters
  7. Rogue Jedi
  8. Young Boba Fett cameo
  9. The Path / Roken /Haja
  10. Reva helping the Path / distrust / being tracked by the Inquisitors.
  11. The common lives and motivations of imperial officers.

I am not sure if there is a full Reva show yet.  She needs to show up in other projects first.  For all we know, she decides to set up a market in town selling trinkets she finds buried in the sands on Tatooine.  She could do anything.  There is a show if she became a bounty hunter for hire and that could be a show, if she was rescuing doomed people from their fate by relocating them to a safe place, perhaps in link with the Path.  She could even come in contact with Vader or the Inquisitors again and that could provide some insane tension.  The fourth sister could be personally agitated that she betrayed the Inquisitors and become her nemesis.  It would give us a chance to learn about those characters.  We also need a backstory on what life was like with the Inquisitors, how they found her and how getting close to Vader was a challenge for her… all of the details that should have been in this season.  So yeah, these are my thoughts.

Final thoughts, I enjoyed the show.  It’s not perfect, but it helped me to reconcile with my personal issues with Star Wars and I think I can still call myself a fan again and that is saying a lot.  I don’t understand everything about the franchise, but this offering worked for me, giving me moments I never knew I needed.  I loved it and I am going to re-watch it again after I am done with this video.  I hope they learn from their mistakes and keep up the great work with Live action Vader.

The overarching themes in the series are really inspiring to me.  There are lessons about reconciling with and moving on from the past, seeking redemption if one must, showing mercy, and most important of all, embracing hope.

My Rating:
Episode 1: 7.5
Episode 2: 6.5
Episode 3: 7.5
Episode 4: 7.9
Episode 5: 8.9
Episode 6: 9.5
The series: 7.7

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