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Hologram Man 1995 Movie Review w/Spoilers

From the far reaches of the Milky Way Galaxy, It's Retro Nerd Girl with a WATCH, REACT, and REVIEW for you.

Let’s watch  Hologram Man released in 1995.

Joe Lara, Evan Lurie, Michael Nouri

Directed by:
Richard Pepin

Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) Rating:


Current IMDb Rating When Reviewed:

The Synopsis from IMDb:
Terrorist Norman Galagher was sentenced to holographic stasis.  During his parole hearing his comrades bust him out, but it changes him into an invincible hologram wreaking havoc for his rival detective Decoda.

Evan Lurie ... (screenplay)
Evan Lurie ... (story)
Richard Preston Jr. ... (screenplay)

Before the film starts, you get a long 3 minute trailer.  Unfortunately, it tells you a truncated version of the film, so you can just skip that to get the raw experience at the 3:14 time stamp.

20 minutes in.
We get two ridiculous action scenes right off the bat before we even get to the main set up for the film 20 minutes in.  One of the action scenes heavily inspired by Speed as Slash Gallagher uses a Bus as a decoy to assassinate the Governor.  His scheme is ridiculously elaborate and really makes little sense but it sure is a spectacle as he kills the Governor and our protagonists’ partner, played by the amazing John Amos.  Ultimately, his reasoning for doing all of this is to overthrow the government and return the power to the people.  Being that he is sentenced to a holographic prison his plan failed.  His unconventional prison sentence is much like the kind of imprisonment that exists in the world of Demolition Man, fully equipped with reprogramming too.  There is even a similar rhyme to the film's title, Hologram Man.

The film jumps 5 years where Gallager gets a parole hearing and this is where he escapes.  At the same time we learn what Decoda has been up to.
It’s clear that Decoda’s arc is right at the beginning of the film, where he transforms from a rookie that does everything by the book to a man who is willing to do things unconventionally.  He needs that edge to be a step ahead of the world’s new criminals of this futuristic society.  These criminals are highly organized and weaponized with deadly devices and have a leg up on the cops.  In this world it’s a swat day every day.

The future world is a restricted city owned by a company called CAL CORP run by the president, played by Michael Nouri, out to keep his power over the city.  It feels quite similar to Demolition Man again, and if we weren’t sure, there is a scene where Decoda’s partner calls him a demolition man.  The president tries to use Decoda to get Gallagher, but there is a lot of tension between the two because Decoda can see he doesn’t care about protecting the citizens.  He is only after power.

40 minutes in.
Gallagher’s behavior is violently erratic and the film briefly explains that he has dementia.  
Evan Lurie who plays Gallagher and also wrote the story and co-wrote the screenplay is really into his role with an incredible passion.  Sure, he’s eating the scenes, I just love that kind of over the top charisma for a villain in this kind of a story.  It's an incredibly fun performance and wildly entertaining.  I couldn't get enough of it.   He k like a love child between Demolition Man characters John Spartan and Simon Phoenix on steroids.

The film uses themes from Darkman released in 1990 where characters use liquid skin as a means of disguise.  As well, the actor, Nicholas Worth was used in the two movies.

1 hour in
After yet another vicious action scene Decoda’s new partner is killed by the battle and this brings Decoda to face off with Gallager in a bone crushing fight padded with slow motion body hurdles and gunfire, leaving Decoda to die.  Of course, Decoda’s dying body is put into the machine to turn him into a hologram so he can fight Gallager, man to man.  And there we have a knock down drag out fight in white leotards and corny banter.  You know, all of the stuff I live for.

Gallager uses extreme means to try to gain control of the city, but then it is revealed that he doesn’t care about the people when he kills a character, Secretary Culkin that has reform plans to help the city.  He is just like the corrupt president of CAL CORP.

To the end.
To sum things up, I loved this jammed packed practical action bonanza of fire, gun fire, explosions and what the heck, another dash of gun fire.

Dare I say, it’s action packed almost to the point of fatigue.  There are 8 action scenes and most of them don’t really mean anything to the film, but oh are they glorious.  They are just there to pad out the run time and keep that adrenaline pumping with explosions and ridiculous scenarios.

It’s a fun re-watchable movie if you are cool with bad schlocky films with over the top villains and a mashup of all of a bunch of action movies from the 90’s.

My Rating:

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